Direction for the future

Senior Consultants

Directure offers Senior Consultants the opportunity to work directly with Senior Managers and Managers and contribute to all aspects of case analysis, strategy development, presentation, and implementation.

Senior Consultants are key members of the project team, and often have a managerial role. They play a vital role in interacting with and delivering results to the client.

Senior Consultants have a high level of responsibility for gathering company and industry data, interviewing personnel, and developing and implementing key insights and recommendations. They are often responsible for managing day-to-day scheduling and progress updates to ensure a successful engagement with the client. Guided by their Managers, Senior Consultants direct research and analysis and structure the project approach, objective, and implementation. They are actively involved in the overall direction, quality, and success of the final presentation as well as the follow-up work that leads to further involvement with the client.


Senior Consultants have a unique and exciting opportunity to work with clients that are often more entrepreneurial, innovative and international than your typical management consultancy client. Our clients range from new business ventures to established market leaders, giving Senior Consultants the opportunity to experience a variety of business challenges with companies at different stages of development. Directure also develops long term relationships with its clients, allowing Senior Consultants to work closely with industry experts and senior level management to ensure that the creation and delivery of the final product is always of the highest standards.

The Senior Consultant’s position at Directure requires an MBA or other equivalent advanced degree(s) with a preference for consulting or relevant industry experience and an additional 2-5 years of experience from other top management consulting firms or equivalent industry experience. Senior Consultants should be highly motivated and result-oriented with strong analytical, communication and management skills.