Direction for the future

Senior Managers

At Senior Manager level the primary responsibilities are to develop new projects independently and together with the Partners, manage several projects simultaneously.

A Senior Manager must ensure top quality service while managing client relationships from first contact to the final presentation.

Senior Managers generate new leads and projects by means of industry networks and follow-up work at existing clients. As a project is generated, Senior Managers are responsible for structuring the project in terms of methodology, sub-tasks, time frames, staffing, presentations and deliverables. A key responsibility of a Senior Manager is to plan and deliver a high quality project on time and within budget.

A Senior Manager may be assigned to deal with large single client projects or monitor several smaller client cases. A Senior Manager supervises Managers, Senior Consultants and Consultants.

In addition to generating leads, sales and managing cases, Senior Managers are responsible for coaching junior staff through their consulting careers by completing case and annual reviews and recommending career stage advancement to Partners. Staff training - as required - is also a frequent task.

Qualifications for becoming a Senior Manager include an MBA or other advanced degree(s) as well as a minimum of 5-7 years of consulting or industry experience. Senior Managers must be skilled in presentation techniques, written and verbal communication and have substantial experience in managing projects.