Direction for the future


“Understanding how & who”

Why people with a very similar point of departure regarding skills and experiences turn out to have a very different level of performance and success only adds to the growing awareness that a personality assessment should be included before employing Executives, Managers and Specialists. Final candidates participate in Directure’s Assessment procedure, which consists of a written assessment part and a following in-depth interview with an experienced Directure Consultant with assessment competences. All assessments are finalised by a thorough feedback given to the individual candidate.

The very leverage of Directure’s Assessment procedure is the appraisal of the candidate’s qualifications being converted into an appraisal of the professional and cultural fit for the opportunity in question. The close relationship that Directure Consultants develop with the candidates throughout every step of the search process, enables them to address concerns about the job or the practical and personal aspects of transitioning as they arise, minimising possible barriers at the final stage of a search. Our fixed fee approach assures objectivity about the quantitative aspects of the hiring, allowing consultants to advise both parties on the negotiations without any conflict of interest.