About us

Various Areas of Consulting in One Concept

With more than 20 years of individual experience and proven track records from consulting and senior management, a group of professionals deriving from different fields of consulting decided to establish an Advisory Firm that integrates various areas of consulting in to one concept.

We recognised that the real impact of an individual recommendation or initiative, often suffered from the notorious one-discipline consulting approach. Consequently, we developed an integrated approach to consulting which we call Directure's Performance Suite.

Irrespective of the symptoms of an individual problem or its underlying factors, Directure professionals will always analyse a specific situation with the individual client including performance, purpose, process, people followed by a discussion on client characteristics:

  • Direction of activities in a short-, mid- and long-term perspective;
  • Infrastructure and performance framework;
  • Empowerment, e.g. people skills and capabilities – gaps and potential;
  • Execution – prerequisites for “internalising” a value proposition in different audiences.

The Directure Star

In conceptualising the Directure Performance Suite the Directure Star was born, and today expresses our passion and uncompromised desire for star performance & star quality.