Direction for the future

About us

Directure is an international Advisory Firm, active in most industry sectors. At Directure we work with our clients to help them gain and sustain competitive advantage, and achieve profound tangible results.

We are the advisor of choice of an increasing number of top companies that seek guidance and counselling on business and senior leadership needs. We have access to executives around the world and our clients range from industry leaders to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups.

Directure operates an integrated approach to consulting, combining best practice standards and disciplines of Management Consulting, International Search and People Resource Consulting. Whatever the approach and method, it will always reflect the client’s specifics in performance areas, result criteria and the related organisational and operational preparedness, so securing the appropriate application and the utility value of our recommendations.

Directure’s positioning & strategy frameworks enable companies to anticipate changes in customer priorities and the competitive environment, and then design their businesses to seize the opportunities created by those changes. We combine the in-depth expertise of an international advisor with the focus and flexibility of a boutique consulting firm that has put impact above size.

Business is about achieving results expressed in various parameters and measures. Directure utilises a broad blend of vigorous and objective analyses, best practice and intense client involvement with emphasis on achieving measurable results. We remain accountable for our work, working with clients throughout implementation, applying our skills and capabilities to building up theirs.

Directure’s ‘Clients-first Focus’ is also expressed in our structure, which is unique in our profession.

Our consultants and supporting specialists operate from wholly owned offices organised around a single profit centre partnership. This is designed to eliminate competitive barriers between our offices and allows us to operate seamlessly when engagements demand mobility across many offices in a region and the best qualified consultants and competences.

Large or small, local or global, our clients benefit from our structure by having access to our most relevant resources, wherever they may reside. Our broad base of clients includes institutions across the entire range of the value chain, comprising leading international private corporations and enterprises. These co-operations include the EU countries, European countries outside the EU, the Near & Middle East, USA, Canada and Asia Pacific.

Underlining this unique structure is our private ownership. We have chosen to operate our firm independent of any outside interests, and are exclusively motivated by the desire to exceed our clients' expectations. This commitment allows us to share leadership and maintain the highest standards regarding value proposition, integrity, service and technology.