What we do


Business is about achieving results expressed in various parameters and measures. Directure utilises a broad blend of vigorous and objective analyses, best practices and intense client involvement with an emphasis on achieving measurable results. We remain accountable for our work, working with clients throughout implementation, and applying our skills and capabilities to build up theirs.

An organisational structure that is sufficiently flexible and adaptable to quickly transform a strategic vision into concrete and appropriate action is a powerful competitive advantage. We evaluate strategic options based on their ability to create sustainable value. Organisational architecture and cost & capital efficiency programmes are designed in line with a strategy to be implemented smoothly afterwards.

Change management

Organisation & Operation

Analyses of individual stakeholders to client company reveal the outcome of the respective relationship and related relational and transactional dynamics i.e. value creation and activation. This will provide understanding and awareness of what factors are to be increased or decreased in priority, and those that should be eliminated altogether.

  • Assessment of business relationships and interactions
  • Go-to-market modelling – direct and channels
  • Mapping of client organisation – architecture and networks
  • Conclusion and recommendations re. gaps and potential