Used correctly, a Personality Assessment can be a very effective tool for decision-making in its broadest sense, and for making the most of a particular situation

The pre-dominant influence on the quality of the assessment itself and its outcome lies in the confidence and the experience of the interviewer who utilises the assessment result as an “access” to understanding the person in assessment. Also, the quality of the test itself – in technical terms of reliability, validity, etc. – highly determines the assessment’s utility value.

The importance of accuracy of a psychological test is widely recognised and easily referred to, whereas its potential reach when in actual use (i.e. interpretation, feedback) with regard to

  • Decisions on selection/appointment/employment and
  • Development activities for potential and talent management

is often neglected. This leads to stereotype and generic results and an accordingly limited impact of the assessment outcome.

Directure’s Assessment tools can be used in 35 different languages and include an online application that meets with the highest requirements for reliability & validity and represents a high level of utility value and comfort to all parties involved.

Constant consecutive training

Directure professionals are in constant consecutive training – in theory and on-the-job – so as not to lose track of the application-in-use or of applying our assessment competences to the various situations.